The Wild Wood Jazz Other Bands


As a leader or collaborator:

2014 Look To The Skies - voice, baritone uke, keyboard bass pedals, viola, kazoo, whistling, composition of all the songs, production

2013 The Wild Wood EP - upright bass, voice

2010 Beliss at Monterey Live, Southwest Tour 2009 - live performance of Beliss

2009 Magidah's Songs for the Soul Fire DVD - acoustic bass, percussion, songwriting, production

2009 Beliss The Bloomin' of the Human Tree - vocals, acoustic bass, baritone ukulele, oud, percussion, violin, banjo, songwriting, production

2008 Greenspace (jazz) - vocals, acoustic bass, oud, songwriting, production

2007 Beliss (self titled) - vocals, acoustic and electric basses, baritone ukulele, songwriting, production

2006 songs from Underwood Uncurling were chosen for 2 compilations, the KMHD jazz compilation and Indigo store's "Songs Every Mother Loves Vol. 2"

2005 Underwood Uncurling (jazz) - vocals, acoustic bass, baritone ukulele, songwriting, production

2003 Beliss Honey Bee - acoustic bass, production

As a side man:

2015 Lindsie Feathers' "Neon Renaissance" - vocals on two songs

2015 Alexa Wiley's "Alexa Wiley and The Wilderness" -bass on one song

2014 Cassandra Robertson's CD unreleased - bass on a few songs

2013 Christopher Worth's CD "Two" - bass on two songs

2013 Daniel Robinson's "Get There And Gone" - bass and vocals

2012 Wayward Vessel's "Before The Gray" - bass

2008 Brothers of the Baladi's "Just Do What's Right" - vocals

2007 Cathedral Park (soundtrack for the award-winning indie film) - vocals

2006 Jesus in Egypt (sountrack for the Cairo-based documentary) - vocals


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