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Belinda's new album is here!!



Belinda's NEW solo album is HERE. She sings all-original songs while playing the Kamaka baritone ukulele and Moog keyboard bass with her feet. This is Belinda's 5th album as a leader and first all-original solo endeavor (though she does feature national mandolin champion Josiah Payne on two songs). She's calling the genre "eco-music" because she writes songs of love, peace, nature, the Earth, human evolution etc., while the music is influenced by everything - folk, jazz, bluegrass, latin, country, world music, the moon, moods and more. Listen to these sneak peeks of the album as you read on.....



"Look to the Skies" is available! $10 for digi download, $20 for the CD (includes shipping), $30 with a jazz album, $40 with 2 jazz albums, $50 with 2 jazz albums and the limited edition vinyl of Belinda and Melissa Underwood's "The Bloomin' of the Human Tree". I'm just going to keep using the "donation" button below. Just enter the amount and leave me a note about which album/s you would like! You can learn more about all the albums HERE.

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