BELINDA UNDERWOOD is next if you please, because this young lady doesn’t need the directions to Knott’s Landing, Underwood is hip, young and cool.  The East Coast may have Nellie McKay. We, of the Left Coast now have Belinda Underwood. She has the same honest “Kevin Spacey” quality of a Blossom Dearie and Nellie McKay.  For we are admittedly an old softie for a good homespun hip lyric. Belinda Underwood has that ability with her new UNCURLING.  

Her song “Trees” is positively ecological, as pianist Clay Giberson creates a seductive atmosphere, a majestic song. We also played “Later Baby” and Underwood’s lyric is ironic, understated and charming as McKay. “World Peace” features scat vocalization by Underwood, Dave Freisen, bass and Airto Moreira on drums with tenor saxophone player John Gross. “Say My Name” is a sensuous love song with Underwood playing baritone ukulele with percussion. She has the unique sadness and sensuality of many Portuguese singers.  No wonder Orson Welles did not want to leave Rio in the forties.  Underwood’s from Oregon, I think... She’s lovely like an Ava Gardner, a good singer, song writer.   Watch this one!!!!  

- Dick Crockett
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March 2005



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