Synchronize sultry overtones with an innate sense of jazz, accompanied with a multi level talent, and you have a moment well spent with Belinda

Underwood. "Uncurling" is a collection of the many dimensions intertwined within this educated siren. Seductive? Yes! and it works so well with her becoming, infectious nature to whomever is exposed.

Original in lyric and concept, Underwood's "Uncurling" releases a soulful energetic plethora of crisp compositions. She allows the "push and players" a moment of real jazz laid down the way it ought to be, with intimate style! No comparison from this scribe, Ms. Underwood is Ms. Underwood alone, unique in all aspects of her stage presence.

The timid lover scenario is evident in her original Later Baby, on a love left. The string and key bonding in this piece allows the lyric line to really come across.

Title cut Uncurling is delicate in presentation. Ms. Underwood's vocals again seem so timid, but with an angelic romance to them that expels hidden confidence. Clay Giberson does a fine job on the ivries, keeping the flow intact along with percussionist Martin Zarzar.

No sugar coating needed, Ms Underwood's firm understanding of the genre is evident in "Uncurling." Take the time; it will be well worth the spin!

- Karl Stober, Jazz Review Magazine (, June 2005




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