October 20, 2008

Portland Oregon has certainly been a booming town for turning out talented young musicians & Belinda Underwood is no exception to this rule. This multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter has made a CD that will sooth you through a Sunday morning or a lazy afternoon. Her vocals will relieve your tensions & any troubles you may encounter during your day. Although Belinda has her own style, this CD will appeal to the early listeners of Diana Krall. Belinda’s band included the talents of Benny Green on Piano and Phil Baker on Bass. Most of this CD is well done downbeat vocal jazz with the exception of the excellent instrumental “Seeing Red”. One other standout track is Belinda’s experimentation with eastern influences on the Oasis. My recommendation is pour a drink, sit back, relax & let Belinda take you to the end of the day.

- Gregg Saur 88.1 FM WYCE Grand Rapids MI


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