Jazz in is in her blood and genes, and if jazz is your music of choice, then here is the album for you. Belinda Underwood's musical ability is beyond doubt; having taken lessons in violin and harp, she eventually settled on the upright bass as her favored musical companion. Again, her genes won out -- she was unlikely to play pop on that instrument.

Apart from her genetic jazz makeup, Belinda has studied with the best in the genre and this, her debut album, shows that the combination has worked very well.

With more than a dozen tracks, many from her own pen, she displays a talent far beyond her years. Likewise, her innovative interpretation of more familiar works marks her out as a talent to be watched -- and heard.

Among my personal favourites here is "Trees," an original track. Of the other works on the CD, "There Will Never Be Another You" stands out among a myriad of great songs and interpretations.

This may be a debut but it sounds much more accomplished. One waits in wonder for her next offering.

by Nicky Rossiter
Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine
4 February 2006



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